Lounge sofa

Lounge sofas are a chic way of adding extra seating space to your lounge waiting area without making it look out of place. Lounges often host events that require large guest capacity, lounge sofas can be the best method to accommodate such large social gatherings. Bars and lounges can always use extra seating space in the waiting area, and lounge sofas are a handy solution. Sofas for restaurants or bars can be single seater, double or triple seater, depending on the requirements of the clients. While 4 seater sofas make most sense for seating larger crowds, 3 seater sofas are more compact and preferred for intimate meetings. We make all our sofas for restaurants with style and trends in mind. While tufted upholstery is in trend for all cushioned furniture, tufted upholstery for modern lounge sofas is preferred for sophisticated themed lounges and bars. The colors and patterns of the restaurant sofa are not only influenced by the rest of the lounge decor, but the lounge lighting and theme should also be kept in mind. The cloth and upholstery used in the restaurant sofa should also be in alignment with the theme of the bar or lounge area. Velvet lounge sofas can be used for fancy, night-life lounges. White or pale colored sofas for restaurants are preferred when most of the lounge activity is daytime centric. While most of our sofas for restaurants are wooden based, we also make metallic designs and customizations as required by our customers. At Venus Creatives, our experienced craftsmen can create unique personalized lounge sofas for any theme and occasional. For the best quality of lounge sofas, trust us to be the best lounge sofa suppliers near you. Book your furniture consultation now or visit our store today to get yourself the best furniture in Delhi NCR.