Restaurant table

Restaurant tables are the central furniture around which not only the rest of the furniture is set, but the rest of the area is also organized. Therefore, restaurant tables need to be statement pieces of furniture that set the tone for the entire dining space. Restaurant tables are required to be sturdy, well balanced, and visually pleasant so that they can blend well with the dining area decor. At Venus Creatives, our team of experienced craftsmen are skilled at carving and varnishing restaurant tables and chairs, for a neat and clean, visually appealing finished product. While cushions and tassels and upholstery can be added to chairs to make them look luxurious, the luxury of a commercial dining table is reflected through finesse of the woodwork or the metalwork. A simplewooden restaurant table can be converted into a statement piece by adding craft work into its design. French bobbin restaurant tables and chairs are currently in vogue and add glamour to any dining area decor. The same effect can also be produced on metalrestaurant tables which also have the added benefits of being light and sleek. Marble restaurant tables are more difficult to carve for intricate craftsmanship and can be used for simpler and elegant commercial dining table designs. For outdoor dining table designs, lighter materials are commonly preferred. We only use premium quality materials for our clients so that the restaurant tables designed by us can withstand adverse weather conditions and maintain their durability. Our outdoor dining tables and accompanying furniture is easy to upkeep and refurbish.

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